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Men have always been told, but not too obvious, and its trajectory is also related with the functionality and usability, such as worker-style platform gucci shoes quite a history, military boots, and slowly to today, we have a the trend of male shoes have seen, they are quite content contains thick heel. As in elevator shoes, also known as the men's high heels, they are generally high heel approximately 2.5cm-4.5cm, it is somewhat cryptic way to the men's center of gravity forward, played the role of chest rise , so can improve the visual height of 4cm-6cm.

Some men wear increased within the body is simply to pursue a change so that they become more upright, there are some people in order to compensate for the inner self-confidence. A few years ago a number of domestic-made shoe brands to imitate a lot of Japanese and Korean brands launched elevator shoes, the highest up to 10 cm with stealth, but one thing is certain, whether done with another superb stealth, always increases Shoes the complexity of the models, they are either high-top models, either thick crust models, looks absolutely not easy.

Based on my years of observation, the men in fact, not necessarily to that invisible 10 cm seem too enthusiastic with their footwear purchase is closely related to the state of mind and life, when he was full of positive energy positive, the election shoes may be more daring, and more trendy, and when depressed state of negative energy prevail, they might choose some conservative, ordinary gucci shoes for men. Possible long-term wear a style of shoe will want to make some changes, for example, one of my friends have been 50 years old, is a businessman, his usual suit and tie giving mature men are feeling, but then one pair of studded recently rivets are interested in high-top boots, so that men actually have stylish complex, but usually too busy working to be buried only.